What is an OSS application? Thorough survey on OSS application agency and costs!

OSS application is a “one stop service for car ownership procedures”, defined in Japan.

Until now, when purchasing a car, it was necessary to go to the Land Transport Bureau or the police station for procedures such as vehicle inspection and garage certification.

Now that if you use OSS application, you will be able to apply in bulk from the Internet without going to the Land Transport Bureau or police station. OSS application is such a very convenient service.

Even up to now, the dealer basically took care of these procedure, so I think you have never been to the Land Transport Bureau. Therefore, you did not recognize the benefits of OSS application, but in fact, the procedure become much smoother anyway.

Currently, dealers are applying for OSS, and the name “OSS application agency fee” is also appearing in the statement when purchasing a car.
Until now, I think that I had paid the agency fee under the name of “registration agency fee”, but in the future, it will be called “OSS application agency fee”.

What kind of procedures that can be done with OSS?


in this section, let me refer to the list below for what you can apply for with OSS.

* The details of where these services are currently available will be explained in the next section.

New car new registration
New registration of used car
Transfer registration
Change registration
Temporary deletion registration
Permanent erasure registration
Relocation temporary deletion registration
Transfer permanent deletion registration
Change temporary deletion registration
Continuous inspection

In this way, you will be able to use the procedures listed above on the Internet.

However, at present, only continuous inspections are available in all 47 prefectures.

Not available in the countryside! You may think that, but even relatively large local cities such as Hokkaido, Miyagi, and Fukuoka have not been able to respond, so there may be differences in the speed of response depending on the local government.

Where can I apply for OSS?

There are still some procedures that cannot be used at OSS application in some areas.

Expansion of area in which OSS is available is in progress.

Expansion of OSS target area

Areas in which OSS is available in December 2020 are:

Continuous inspection is available in all prefectures.

The other procedures are available in all prefectures except for Kyoto, Tokushima and Kochi prefecture.

The latest information of areas is presented in here.

How much does the OSS application agency cost?

For OSS applications, those who used to go to the Land Transport Bureau or police station can now easily complete the procedure on the Internet, so even if the dealer acts on their behalf, it will not take much time and effort.

Even though the effort is no longer required, the OSS application agency fee is unexpectedly high.

Also, please note that the agency fee will vary greatly depending on the dealer.

Depending on the negotiations, it may be cheaper.

According to our research, this cost averages around 40,000 yen, and can cost as high as 50,000 yen.

Also, the cost varies depending on the dealer. For example

  • Honda A store 45.255 yen
  • Honda B store 39.900 yen
  • Toyota C store 22.680 yen

As mentioned above, there are differences between Honda stores of the same manufacturer, and Toyota is about 20,000 yen cheaper than those, so you can see that it varies greatly depending on the dealer.

Can we apply for OSS ourselves?

You can also apply for OSS yourself.

But it seems that some dealers refuse to apply for OSS by yourself because the dealer wants to make a profit from the “OSS application agency fee” when you purchase a new or used car.

However, if you do in yourself, you will also need a scanner and IC card reader to apply for OSS, so It may be better to have them act on your behalf.

How to obtain the digital certificate required for OSS application

Perhaps the biggest barrier to applying for OSS yourself is to obtain a digital certificate.

According to the OSS application homepage, there are the following three methods.

 1. Public personal identification service

First, the public personal identification service. This is a method using my number card (individual number card), and it seems that an IC card reader is required to read the IC card.

There is a fee for issuing the My Number card itself, and when it comes to IC card readers, it costs a lot of initial investment. However, these can also be used in the national tax electronic filing and tax payment system (e-Tax), so if you are a sole proprietor or a company owner and will continue to file tax returns, prepare for this opportunity. It may be okay.

2. Commercial Registration Certification Authority (Ministry of Justice)

Next, here is how to use an electronic certificate in electronic file format. If you can do this, you don’t need my number card or IC card reader! ?? It was a ray of hope for the author who never wanted to make my number card, but it seems that this is for corporate use and cannot be used by individuals. Sorry.

Specifically, this method involves first installing the dedicated software for obtaining a digital certificate, and then creating a “key pair file” and a “certificate issuance application file”.

Next, store this “certificate issuance application file” on a CD, DVD, or USB memory and submit it to the competent registry office together with the “electronic certificate issuance application”. It’s very analog. ..

And if it is accepted, it will be fine, and it seems that you can download and obtain the digital certificate issued by the registry office using the first dedicated software via the Internet. No, it seems to be difficult. ..

Please refer to this site for detail.

 3. Secom Trust Systems Co., Ltd. 

The third and final item is “This is an electronic certificate for administrative scriveners. It is an electronic certificate that can only be used by agents, and cannot be used as an owner, user, or former owner.”

Therefore, it seems that ordinary individuals cannot use it when applying for OSS by themselves.

What you need for OSS application

  • My number card or basic resident register card (both with electronic certificate)

  • Attachments for application for proof of storage location (documents certifying the location of the storage location, sketch, parking lot, etc.)

  • Public personal authentication service user client software

  • IC card reader

  • scanner

  • Required documents for application (* Required documents differ depending on the procedure)

    If you are a little disgusted just by looking at the above necessary items, it is easier for you to act on your behalf and you will not waste your time :P.

    A printer could be used as a substitute for the scanner, but few people have an IC card reader, so it feels a bit wasteful to buy it just for OSS application.

    Depending on the price of the agency fee, it is cheaper to have it act on your behalf, so please consult with your budget.

    Click here for OSS application procedures.


I think it is better to have the OSS application done on your behalf, such as when purchasing a new car.

On the other hand, when you change your address or buy or sell when you move, you can do it from home as long as you have an internet environment, and it is accepted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so it is recommended because you do not have to interrupt your work!

If the frequency of using My Number Card increases in the future, I think more people are using OSS applications more casually than they are now, so I’m looking forward to it in the future.

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